Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Жжож чуваг!

mac said...

saw this posted on and decided to try it out. Very cool!

I don't want a long vertical display of picts, but want 20 picts in the middle of a a mini cube of thumbnails. can the software provide the code back for that?

Unknown said...

We will add some more values into separation dropdown (i.e. "5 photos in a line" or something like that).

Hope i've got your idea. If not, contact me directly on email to discuss this feature.


Olga Gorchichko said...

BB-codes will be great either! Not only html :)

Unknown said...

Olga, thank you for your input.

BB-codes will be available in a few days. Check it tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's going on? How can I change size of photos?

Anonymous said...

oh, i see. you've hidden options under "Option" button. hmmmm, don't know if it's good idea - there aren't to many options to create additinal level of complexity to page.

Unknown said...

You're completely right.
I'll bring all options and generated code text area back to page and remove that ugly popups.

Thank you for using service.

Unknown said...

As I said, nice one colleague.

Zn said...

русская версия не на русском...

Zn said...

русская версия все ещё не на русском.
можно ли сделать вариант "линк на большую фотографию, а не на страницу пикасы".

и если можно пронумеровать фотографии в посте.

Unknown said...

Не совсем понял про линк на большую фотографию. Имеется ввиду, при нажатии на картинку, должен открыться не альбом с фоткой, а прямой линк на jpg?

С русской версией не знаю, все никак руки не доходяд :) Да и сомненья есть, что оно нужно. Если таки нужно - то добавим как-нибудь.

Anonymous said...

...and embed it into YOUR blog...

1. You don't HAVE to provide !!! password

3. Select photos you WANT


Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Очень хороший сервис.
Есть предложение в качестве атрибута title забирать подписи из альбома.
А так же (для продвинутых) можно дать возможность самим рисовать шаблон, по которому скрипт будет строить окончательный вариант... например укладывать картинку со ссылкой в табличку или div с подписью снизу — шаблон прост, но для каждой катинки его делать — та ещё морока ;-)

igitur said...

Thanks for a great tool.

I have a few suggestions:

1) Generate pure XHTML, which means: generate
instead of
and wrap attributes in quotation marks,e tc.

2) Use image captions from Picasa to generate alt="..." attributes for images.


igitur said...

Sorry, my previous comment didn't format correctly.

I was trying to say:
1) Generate pure XHTML, which means: generate <br /> instead of <br> and wrap attributes in quotation marks,etc.

(hope it works this time)

Unknown said...

got it.
I'm going to add these features and change page design a little soon.

Stay tuned :)

Thank you.

yorgan said...

●Thanks for the useful function.
●There is an error for me,
my Picasa have more than 400 albums, thousands of pictures...
and the Picasa2html shoes the message 「No photos to display. Select album first.」
●Can you help me to check the message...?
●here is my Picasa=【】

Anonymous said...

can you please give more options for the image sizes please? thanks

Unknown said...

Excellent tool, been using it for a while now without problems. Only one question though... is there any way to get around the 226 images limit?

Unknown said...

I'm trying to get a solution for that.

Zn said...

И все таки ссылку на большое изображение надо давать вот в таком виде

страница сама определит подходящее разрешение. и покажет если надо фотографию больше чем 800пкс.

unlimin_horizon said...

Спасибо за качественный сервис!Столкнулся с тем что если в выбранном для работы альбоме много фотографий, в "Album Photos" они как правило показываются не все (причем число показанных там каждый раз разное, но никогда не все 300, к примеру фоток). В чем там дело? Есть что ли какое-то время ожидания при их получнеии с picasa, после которого не успевшие передаться фотографии просто обрезаются?

Unknown said...

Это известная проблема. Больше 200 фоток получить пока не получается. Надеюсь, когда-нибудь это починим :)

chupre said...

Dear Alex,
I experience the following issue very often. Repro:
1. Enter username,
2. Press go.
3. Select an album.
The photos got loaded and resized to fit the Photos window.
Mouse cursor stays on the albums.
4. Move mouse to the Photos section.
5. Move mouse back to the albums (sometimes you need to repeat these steps couple of times).
BUG: The photos get resizing and resizing to infinity. I need to reload the page to see them again in a selectable way.

Firefox 3.6.8
Win 7

If you have problems with reproducing, i can send you a screenshot.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the bug report, Miranda.

I'm trying to reproduce but no luck :)

Anyway, I hope that would be fixed in the next release of picasa2html service.

Vladimir said...

Incredible helpful tool for the blogging, thank you.
I was searching for something similar but couldn't find.
I upload my photos from android to picassa and then spend a lot of time just to combine them.

If you'll integrate it with other services like flicklr and youtube, that will be twice better

Thank you.

Vladimir said...

Just found a tiny, but significant for me bug:
In Safari on Ipad scroll bar in 'album photos' doesn't work. So when you have too many photos in album there is no way to choose 'em.

Unknown said...

got it.

and i still have no ipad :)

Vladimir said...

There is nothing special so far. Just a pretty gadget
Still no flash, no multitasking.

Zbiegu said...

IS it possible to add new resolution 1024 (computer screens are getting bigger and bigger)

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,
This is a very helpful tool, thank you.
Is it possible, that the tool generate the link to the photo in bigger size, not to the picasa album?
For example:

(with the right html codes of course)

It would be great!
Thanks, Srami

Unknown said...

yeah, this is possible. I'll check how to do this soon

Srami said...

Thank you, Alexander. Waitin' for the result!

STC Technologies said...

Thanks for the help full Tools..
STC Technologies

Anonymous said...

Love the functionality, used it may times, unfortunately the main site appears to be down, help.

Mielga said...

Great solution! Always use your site. The only drawback for me is the absence of the possibility to generate code with links to larger photos instead of picasa itself.

Unknown said...


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Ranvijay singh said...

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